March 1st is here

Well another day passes into…. a new month – another day for the so called leaders of our country to screw us – free enterprise my ass – companies like Walmart breezing into town and litterally chewing them up and spitting them out does that seem like what haom s happened in your town – were you a small business owner? if so are you still in business? ……  Mom and Pop don’t stand a chance with the prices of walmart ….. but – do you want quality well Walmart products are not the top of the line in fact they are often times of less quality especially in electronics. 20 odd years ago walmart prided themselves on selling american made products , but now most everything is imported from china, japan, everywhere but the USA – all i can do is say thanks again to the conservative assholes who have let these things happen to our country………


where are our rights

to sart most states have a seatbelt law – who do they (the lawmakers) think they are to tell me that i have to wear a seatbelt. when i was 18 years old i was in a car wreck that, had i been wearing a seatbelt, i would be dead today. so how does my not wearing a seatbelt affect anyone but me? It is time for the crap to stop these laws were inplemented by lobbyist years ago who were paid by seatbelt manufaturers to push this through – the fine and penalties collected through this bogus law is extortion

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